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VISTAA is one of Armenia’s very first and longest serving post-independence business service providers specializing in agriculture, environment, and natural resources (water, forests, land, etc) management and adult education (specializing in Vocational Education and Training).

Present in the field since 1996 it has accumulated the skills and the know-how in the local public and private environment, as well as a profound understanding of national and international developments in a number of fields. Its experience of more than 20 years and in-depth knowledge of its primary focus areas allow offering expertise and technical advice in a number of sectors and initiatives, such as:


VISTAA has been helping change agriculture and environment through activities in the private sector. It does this in two ways: through individual consultancies and through competitive contracts from different funding agencies and private enterprises. 

In recent years VISTAA has expanded the scope of its activities and has engaged in such areas as institutional development, policy planning, strategy design, and legal framework development that embrace education and civil service in addition to its main focus on agriculture and natural resources.

Some highlights of VISTAA’s current and past assignments include:


Address: 17 Tpagrichner street apt. 1, Yerevan 0010

Tel.: +37460 522 921